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Do you have a flair and most importantly a heart in teaching, imparting skills and knowledge? This job is meant for you. In this era of digitalization and without boundaries, we hope we can help you find the international clientele for you. Before signing up with us, it is important to note that you are able to commit to teach with your best ability including investing your time and effort. The best way to ensure that – is to be well-prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills, basically your expertise you have at your fingertips. Put yourself in the shoes of the learners and think about how you can best transfer the knowledge and skills. Besides being mentally well prepared, you need to have the tools and materials to do so. Having a clear lesson learning objective and outcome be it in person or online can reap immense rewards you seek as a Teacher. Yes, being a Tutor or Teacher isn’t easy but the renumeration is immeasurable. Simply priceless. If you have what it takes, please register with us and good luck in your journey of being the beacon of one’s life.

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Who can be a Tutor?

Anyone who has a skills to teach and has a heart to make a difference.

How do I become one?

Register as a Tutor. Create a profile and advertise a course stating the type of tuition, available timings and rates per hour.

Observe Tutee traffic

You can edit your advertisements depending on the popularity and needs of the learners.

Showcase Tutor’s Profile

Tutors can showcase their work through Tutees’ reviews online. Courses with high ratings will be featured on GuruTutor.

Feel free to let us know how we have improve on your experience with Guru-Tutor as a Tutor.

Your tutee will be able to review the quality of teaching with you.
Have fun in Teaching and on behalf of the tutees, we thank you.