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Do you have a flair and most importantly a heart in teaching, imparting skills and knowledge? This job is meant for you. In this era of digitalization and without boundaries, we hope we can help you find the international clientele for you. Before signing up with us, it is important to note that you are able to commit to teach with your best ability including investing your time and effort. The best way to ensure that – is to be well-prepared and equipped with the knowledge and skills, basically your expertise you have at your fingertips. Put yourself in the shoes of the learners and think about how you can best transfer the knowledge and skills. Besides being mentally well prepared, you need to have the tools and materials to do so. Having a clear lesson learning objective and outcome be it in person or online can reap immense rewards you seek as a Teacher. Yes, being a Tutor or Teacher isn’t easy but the remuneration is immeasurable. Simply priceless. If you have what it takes, please register with us at Guru-Tutor and good luck in your journey of being the beacon of one’s life.

Become A Tutor Decide How You Teach

8 Steps to start your own online teaching business:

  1. Prepare a profile picture or company logo.
  2. State your fee per hour in your preferred currency.
  3. Choose your mode of teaching whether online or in-person.
  4. Decide on the class size: one-to-one or group teaching.
  5. Publish your course.
  6. Wait and Observe real-time tutee traffic.
  7. Once a Tutee booked you, you have 48 hrs to complete the match through our email notification system. (Make sure you to use one email account for registration to prevent confusion.)
  8. Remind Tutee/s to give review after the first lesson

Best Matching Website for Online Teaching Tips on Teaching Online

Make It Affordable for a Start

Make sure you complete all the criteria on your course page. For a start, list down your most attractive and affordable pricing for your course in your preferred currency. You may adjust the pricing any time after you have received good reviews. You can also consider having group tuition to make your work more productive and without compromising on the quality of lesson delivery.

Good Quality Teaching

After stating your best pricing, you will need to decide your mode of teaching whether you would like to teach in person or online. You may decide to hold distance learning courses at your own available timings. Decide on the method to deliver your lesson. There are some sample resources on our You-Tube channel for you reference. Feel free to use it or share with us if you have any good suggestion.

Two-Way Publicity

Make full use of our social platforms (Facebook and Instagram) by liking and following us. Guru-Tutor makes it easy for you to share your published courses online on your Facebook and Instagram account. On our part, we advertise our website internationally in order to help you reach out to international clientele. Give us feedback to serve you better. We would love to hear from you.

Showcase Tutor’s Profile

Tutors can showcase their work through Tutees’ reviews online. We provide both qualitative and quantitative online reviews by the Tutees to help prospective learners decide on their choice course. Online courses with high ratings will be featured on Guru Tutor. We look forward to celebrate good experience of teaching and learning on our website with you.

Feel free to let us know how we can improve on your experience with Guru-Tutor as a Tutor.

Have fun in Teaching and on behalf of the tutees, we thank you.