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Guru-Tutor is an online self-run matching website for tutors and tutees. We strives to be the best website to find tutors for you. We provide an online platform for tutors or any schools or companies to publish their online classes and course according to their expertise (if you are a high profile educational companies, we welcome more collaboration with additional perks). Learners can browse through their profiles and choose tutors based on what, who they want to learn from, how they want to learn and at their own free time, any where and any time. Guru-Tutor encourages distance teaching and lifelong learning complementing on top of our traditional classroom teaching and learning. We hope to assist high profile tutors to reach out to international clientele in sharing their skills and knowledge. Teach Online, Learn Online Anywhere and Any Time. Don’t forget to Share your published profiles on your social media and observe real-time human traffic thereafter!

In lieu of the current COVID situation, people can opt  to work and learn a something at the comfort of their own home. We strive to provide the best matching service via our platform for both Tutor and Tutee. It is FREE registration for both Tutor and Tutee to encourage more people to share their skills and knowledge and to pick up a new language, learn a new skill and to expand new areas of knowledge. Say goodbye to hefty matching agency fee!

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We cater to all your learning needs. We provide all lessons such as online guitar, online german course, online spanish course, music and singing lessons and many others. Learner can Book Tutor directly via our platform, ONLY when he/she found the tutor who matches his/her preference. The match-up is complete by clicking on Book or Enquiry through the instant messaging feature on the Tutor’s profile. Once Tutee sent his/her enquiry or book Tutor, both will be notified automatically via their registered email. Tutor to get in touch with you as soon as possible. If no response from Tutor – let us know!

Tutors can register for Free with Guru-Tutor to showcase their expertise in any skills, languages or even holding a group online activity i.e. cooking, online singing lessons, online Spanish course, online German course etc. We provide an interactive, real-time dashboard for Tutors to observe international Tutee Traffic. Your Tutee can post a review on your profile to recommend you. You get to advertise your pricing, type/mode of coaching/teaching and schedule. Tutor can use our platform to easy share their profiles on their Facebook and Instagram too. Tutees can browse your course/profile and book your schedule. We encourage all Tutors to fill up as much as possible and accurately. We may need to remove incomplete and inaccurate profiles to maintain reliability of the website. If you are uncomfortable in putting up your picture, just put a logo for publicity. After verifying your credentials with your tutee, you may proceed to arrange the lesson with the Tutee at your mutual convenient timing and mode of teaching. Payment method will be decided by you before you commence your lesson. We try to keep the platform simple and free for all.

It is self-regulatory website. You may report any misuser to us and we will take necessary actions against them within our capability. However, please ONLY put your details when you are comfortable and at your own risk. Guru-Tutor will not be held liable whatsoever for any errant behavior of our patrons. The review system will also help us to ensure good teaching practices and showcase high profile tutors.