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Guru Tutor About Us

Guru-Tutor is an online matching platform for tutors and tutees. Tutors can showcase their skills and knowledge on any topic. They can choose to the mode of delivery whether online or in-person. They can decide on the size of the class. As learning has no boundary, we hope to offer this platform to any keen teachers and learners around the globe to share what they like at their own comfort – place and time. Learn a Skill, Language Anytime, Anywhere.

In lieu of the current COVID situation, people can opt  to work and learn a something at the comfort of their own home. We strive to provide the best service via our platform for both Tutor and Tutee. It is FREE registration for both Tutor and Tutee to encourage more people to pick up a new language, learn a new skill and to expand new areas of knowledge.

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Tutee pays ONLY when he/she found the ideal tutor who matches his/her budget and timings. Tutee will only need to pay a nominal one-time sum of 5 euros to for the Match-Up with their choice Tutor. The Match-Up is done through the Messaging feature inside the Tutor profile. Once Tutee sent his enquiry, 5 euros processing fee is deducted then we will reach out to the Tutor the enquiry/interest. Expect Tutor to get in touch with you asap. If no response from Tutor – let us know! Full refund if the match is not complete.

Apply Now Tutor Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Tutors can register for Free with Guru-Tutor to showcase their expertise in any skills, languages or even holding a group online activity i.e. cooking, online programming session. We provide an interactive dashboard for Tutors to observe international Tutee Traffic. Your Tutee can post a review on your profile to recommend you. You get to advertise your pricing, type/mode of coaching/teaching and schedule. Tutor can use our platform to share their profiles on their facebook and Instagram too. Tutees can browse your course/profile and book your schedule. We encourage all Tutors to fill up as much as possible and as accurate as possible. If you are uncomfortable in putting up your picture, just put a logo for publicity. We take 5 euros on every successful booking/match. After which you can arrange the lesson with the Tutee and decide your mode of payment. We will help you to reach out to international or any niche clientele. The nominal fee charged goes to covering the cost of running this platform including the security and hosting of Guru-Tutor website. We keep the platform simple so that we charge as minimal as possible. Hope this website can help those who are affected by the pandemic and who are keen to share their expertise and for learners to learn new skills.

It is self-regulatory website. You may report any misuser to us and we will take necessary actions against them within our capability. However, please ONLY put your details when you are comfortable and at your own risk. Guru-Tutor will not be held liable whatsoever for any errant behavior of our patrons. The review system will also help us to ensure good teaching practices and showcase high profile tutors.