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Register and publish Tutor’s profiles include pricing per hour in tutor’s preferred currency if any, the type of lesson whether it is online or in-person and you can choose to have an individual or a group lesson. Both Tutor and Tutee could use the profile created link (e.g. www.guru-tutor.com/tutor/simon/) to share and advertise on various social platforms where you would like to get your client from. Tutee will search and book according to what they want to learn and can afford.

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After creating and publishing your course, you can use the created link (e.g. http://guru-tutor.com/tutor/jelizaveta-kuliber/) to advertise your course on your preferred websites e.g. schools, parent support group or learning websites. You decide the type of students or targeted clientele you want. You may also advertise on your own website or on social media. After reaching out to your potential tutees or learners, you may observe real-time human traffic.

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Once there is a match, a notification will automatically sent to both Tutor’s and Tutees’ registered email instantly (So, use just ONE email in Guru-tutor to prevent confusion). After a lesson (or prerecorded lesson due to different time zone), Tutees can rate and write reviews about the course. Tutor can showcase their teaching expertise and popularity through reviews. Tutee pays just the tuition fee direct to Tutor if any. If not, absolutely FREE simply for those who want to share and learn internationally.

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Who is the guru Guru Tutor?

Hi, I am Pek, a global citizen. I am a sports teacher by training, rendered help from my IT friend and started this website during the pandemic to help others around the world. I am a polygot, a coach, yoga instructor, divemaster, an energy healer and a Dj-to-be. I am officially a bum now and maintaining this Al website. Feel free to write to me if you need additional support.

If you are into wellness, you can take a look at my other website – www. yogasamsara.net. We give free distance reiki healing for you in any parts of the world, just quote that you are a guru tutor. The focus should not be on me but YOU. Make full use of this website, join us a Gurututor. We welcome any areas for improvement. Together, we can spread the love of learning and to make the world a better place to live in.


What We Look For

We are looking for anyone or company who is passionate about sharing their expertise, skills and knowledge internationally. If you have a heart to teach, we want you. Tutors can register for FREE to advertise their expertise. In addition, Tutors can enjoy added services like publishing up to 5 courses, state their rates per hour in their preferred currency. In order to observe real-time tutee traffic, Tutors would need to share their profiles url on any website where they would want to get their learners from. 

PAY NO MORE AGENT FEES! Guru-Tutor is a self-run Al platform. Once there is a match, both Tutor and Tutee will receive an email notification instantly. Verification of the tutors’ credentials is not compulsory but recommended before starting your course. Tutees pay direct to Tutors. No matching or agent fee required. Tutors can showcase their expertise through reviews by their students through Guru-Tutor.

Terms and Conditions

Guru-Tutor is just like any website. Please ONLY put your details which you are comfortable with. Profiles with fully furnished details will be featured. Tutors are highly encouraged to complete their profile before publishing. Remember to click Publish! Viola! You may always edit on your dashboard at a later date after publishing. Please note: We will unpublish incomplete profiles or non-secular courses in order to retain credibility and reliability of the site for users. 

Disclaimer: Guru-Tutor will not be held liable whatsoever for any errant behavior of our patrons. Please report to us if there is any errant users, we will take action within our capability. Moreover, the review system will help us to ensure good teaching practices and showcase high-profile tutors. As we strive to uphold the spirit of learning and self-improvement, we welcome any feedback that could serve our users better. 

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