Frequently Asked Questions For Learners/Students

You can use our search engine to search directly the topic or subject you want. Alternatively, you can search by language, country and cost of the course.

No. Guru-Tutor is not restricted by location unless Tutee requests to have the lesson in person or if indicated on Tutor’s profile. If online, Tutor and Tutee can arrange by informing each other for example lesson in 24hours’ time or 8 hours’ time if both from different time zone for easy reference.

Guru-Tutor is Free For All. Tutors would need to advertise their newly created Guru-Tutor profile (i.e. www.guru-tutor.com/tutor/simon/) or courses on the websites which they want to get their clients from. Our platform will allow you to observe real-time learners traffic.

There is no agent or matching commission fee. It is a website Free for All. Please help Like and Share Us on Facebook and Instagram.

The Tutor will receive your query or booking instantaneously. Just sit back and wait for Tutor’s reply through the email you have registered with us (So, it is important to use just ONE same email address to prevent confusion). Drop us a message if you did not receive any reply from your Tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions For Tutors

Anyone or any company with a heart to share their knowledge. Guru-Tutor is an international online website. Hence we would prefer an internationally recognized degree for academic subjects. Specialized diploma if you are offering skill-based course. If you don’t, for instance, offering cooking lessons, you would need just a great set of culinary skills! Our review system would be another good indicator to access the course provided.

You will need to prepare the following:

  1. Profile picture or company logo
  2. Name of the course you are providing
  3. The rates per hour in your preferred currency
  4. Mode of teaching: in-person or online teaching
  5. Class size: 1 on 1, group or both
  6. Use one email to sign up and as contact details to prevent confusion
  7. Time availability
  8. Remember to click Publish

Remember to click PUBLISH. At any point of time, you may modify any details of the course later (up to 5 courses). After publishing your profile or course, you make use the link to advertise on any social platform where you may get your clientele from. From there, you can observe learners real-traffic on your Guru-Tutor platform. (Pls note that only after you have shared your url, then you will be able to see the human traffic!)

After registering as a Tutor, you can advertise the service or course you want to teach (up to 5 courses). You can list down your rates per hour in your preferred currency, mode of teaching, class size, etc. After advertising, the Tutor is able to observe the traffic of Tutees on the real time dashboard. Guru-Tutor makes it easier for you to share on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It also helps you to reach out to the international markets. We showcase your expertise through your Tutees’ reviews. Tuition companies and private schools are welcomed to make full use of our website.

We are offering free matching services for ALL – Tutors and Tutees.

Guru Tutor is a free website offering free match for Tutor and Tutees. Hence, we need everyone’s effort to share their Guru-Tutor profiles in their respective country or region. As for individual Tutor, we suggest you can offer 15min trial lesson or make it free for a start. After good reviews from the learners, you may raise your rate. You can also increase the class size by asking your Tutees to share your course with their friends and family who may want to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions For All

Guru-Tutor helps freelancers, tutors, instructors, coaches and educational schools to reach out to international learners. Learners can look for any course they want to learn, who they want to learn from and how they want to learn and how much they are willing to pay.

Guru-Tutor provides a secure website for all users and we strive 100% client satisfaction. We provide easy registration and advertising for Tutors to help them reach other to international learners. Tutors can publish their rates per hour in their preferred currency, choose their mode of teaching, decide on the class size and more importantly enjoy real-time observation of tutee traffic on their profile after they shared their Guru-Tutor published profiles on the social networks where they would like to get their clients from . Tutors can showcase their expertise through our review system. For learners, we provide a wide range of courses that you want to learn at the pricing you are willing to pay. The review system will also help to decide on your next course too.

The website is FREE for ALL.

The Tutees’ reviews will showcase good teaching practices, popular courses and well-rated Tutors.

Guru-Tutor believes in lifelong learning and learning has no boundaries. We aspire to make learning free for all. As long as anyone wants to teach, there is always someone who wants to learn out there. So, help share US and make learning easier, more fun, accessible and affordable for all.